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MORTENSEN, Richard (1910)
Born in Copenhagen and grew up in Denmark. In 1934 he joined the Linien group at Copenhagen, with which he exhibited for the first time; then, in 1936, he joined the Groenningen group, also at Copenhagen. He took part in the first International Exhibition of Abstract and Surrealist Art, Copenhagen, 1937, and made a long stay in Paris that same year. From 1942 to 1947 he exhibited regularly at various Copenhagen galleries and from 1944 on took part in the exhibitions of the Groenningen group. He settled in Paris for good in 1947 and participated in the following group exhibitions: Galerie Breteau, 1948; Tendances de l'Art Abstrait, Galerie Denise René, 1948; Génie Français, Pavillon de Marsan, 1950; Aspects de l'Art d'Aujourd'hui and Espaces Nouveaux, Galerie Denise René, 1950; Galerie Denise René, 1954. His work was also represented at Klar Form, a traveling exhibition grouping twenty artists of the School of Paris ( Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Liège, 1951-1952). In 1951 he competed for the Prix Kandinsky and exhibited at the Cercle Volney, Paris (Danish Artists in France) and at the School of Paris exhibition, Kunsthaus, Zurich. Exhibited tapestries ( 1952) and lithographs ( 1953, with Salto and Soendergaard) at the Galerie Denise René, Paris, and took part in a traveling exhibition of tapestries in the United States. Represented at the International Exhibition of Abstract Art (Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Rome, 1953), Europa Kunst ( Denmark, 19531954), Seven Artists of the School of Paris (Kunsthalle, Bern, 1954), Documenta I and II ( Kassel, 1955 and 1959), and international exhibitions of abstract art at Leverkusen ( 1954), in Brazil (Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo, 1954), Venezuela (Valencia, 1955), Cuba ( 1955), Brussels (with Deyrolle and Vasarely, 1955), Stockholm (with Baertling and Jacobsen, 1956). Painting trips to Corsica in 1959. Large exhibition of his work at the Danish Pavilion of the 1960 Venice Biennale.

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